Advanced Dairy Systems

Manufacturing innovative equipment for Dairy and Agriculture industries since 1998


Advanced Dairy Systems was founded on the principles of innovation and efficiency by Mike Terrell in 1998. Since then, our products have paved the way for higher milk production and happier cows.


Our team leads the industry in knowledge and experience, ensuring quality solutions and customer satisfaction for any job.


Our products don’t just keep cows cool, they also help assist in raising your cattle and keeping them healthier longer.

Mission Statement

Since the beginning our mission has been to bring innovation and efficiency to the dairy industry with the use of new technology, sustainable products and a core of customer satisfaction. We hope to cool the world’s dairy-air.


“Our milk barn cooling is phenomenal.”

-Frank Boyce (T&K Farms)


In the last 24 years we have worked with over 300 Dairy Farms to help accomplish their goals of efficient productive cows.