Advanced Dairy Systems headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona is a family owned and operated company that was founded by Mike Terrell in 1998. Mike had a vision for a more sustainable, efficient cooling system for dairy cattle. With his vision in hand, he set out to create what is now known as the FlipFan© System, a cooling system with unparalleled performance and value. The FlipFan© was patented in 2011 and there has been no other product like it since. Thereafter, FlipFan© systems have been installed all over the world, serving the industry in any hot, arid climates. Advanced Dairy Systems continues to grow and expand. In 2016 Nielsen Industries was purchased, which has given them a foothold in the world of stanchions as well. Nielsen Industries has been manufacturing the world renowned “self-locking” stanchion since 1954. These stanchions are still the most durable on the market. With the addition of Nielsen Industries and partnerships throughout the industry we continue to strive for our mission to cool the world’s dairy-air.