FlipFan© Dairy cooling system is designed to provide the best day and night cow cooling possible and was patented in 2011. They are rugged and durable all while being easy to install and maintain. Advanced Dairy System’s patented FlipFan© dairy cooling system combines advanced 36” high velocity fans and misting systems with a horizontal rotational mounting structure that allows the fans to “flip” 180° to point outside the shade for nighttime cooling. The FlipFan© produces an average velocity of 7-10mph across the shade and 0.4gal/min of evaporative cooling per fan. With control options ranging from simple manual controls to iPad© and iPod© driven PLCs that adjust your system for time, temperature, humidity, wind speed, milking and feed schedules. FlipFan© delivers the ultimate dairy cooling solution for a range of budgets. Additionally, this allows for increased milk production and conception rates.  Contact us for more info.